Liquid Fashion Tape


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The ultimate roll-on skin adhesive designed to revolutionise your fashion game. This clear, flexible and long-lasting adhesive is your steadfast ally against wardrobe mishaps and style woes.

Crafted to be sweat-resistant and dermatologist-tested, our Liquid Fashion Tape ensures a secure hold without compromising your skin’s comfort.

Imagine a solution that’s more than just tape – it’s a versatile adhesive that adapts to various fashion needs. Whether it’s securing clothes, leotards, socks, wigs, costume straps, body jewellery or even keeping glitter in place, this Liquid Fashion Tape is your go-to fix.

Say goodbye to fashion emergencies and hello to seamless elegance. With Liquid Fashion Tape, you’re always prepared to tackle any outfit challenge. Embrace your style, knowing that every piece and accessory will stay put exactly as you intend.


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