Custom Made Radford Dance Academy dance leggings. Matte Nylon fabric is purposefully design with moisture wicking properties to keep dancers dry and refreshed after hours of continual dancer. The fitted design and elastic waist make them practical and durable for dancers of all ages.

Leggings feature the RDA logo down the leg line and make them suitable for dancers to wear them during class, rehearsal and competitions.

Approx. clothing size guide:

Child Small: 2-4, Child Medium: 4-6, Child Large: 6-8, Child X-Large: 8-10, Child XX-Large: 12-14.

Adult S: Size 8, Adult M: 10, Adult Large: 12, Adult X-Large: 14.

Additional information


Child 2-4, Child 4-6, Child 6-8, Child 8-10, Child 12-14, Adult Size S, Adult Size M, Adult Size L, Adult Size XL

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